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by the rotary clubs of america to assist people in haiti. a survival kit that includes that tent and things that will sustain people more days. but the numbers are staggering, almost unbelievable. and while aid is pouring in from around the world, it's not happening fast enough to stop things from deteriorating, as was kind of expected in haiti. but there are efforts now that people are getting under way here in america and here in this city. this is why people are comin by here to do what they can to do to help. and as we said, those numbers are staggering, as an estimated 200,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands left in the lurch of a supplies are starting to pour in, like food, water, medicine, the daily necessities, but not fast enough. and people are still being found among the rubble. and they find themselves in a pitched suggle for food, life, necessity. we found a gentleman down here to do what he could. he knew it couldn't be good. he talked about the lurching ground and the need to do something. and that's why he came down here. he's back in the u.s. today and he came down
and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president said the suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab made his al qaeda contact and received his training in yemen a country racked by poverty and ongoing civil war. now fertile ground for extremists driven from strong holds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> basically a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorist, and the yemeni government is almost powerless to stop them. >> reporter: after getting initial reports earlier this week, mr. obama has called a face to face meeting with top officials set for tuesday. among the attendee, direct of national intelligence, homeland security secretary as well as leaders of the tsa and the national counterterrorism center all formed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and all created to avoid just the kind of human and systemic failures that almost led to a christmas catastrophe in the skies over detroit. >> they all should be in the hot seat. i think there should be some action to correct this. there was a lac of accountability in the system. >> reporter: late this afternoon warning
, trained him, equipped him with those explosives, and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president says that the suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab made his al qaeda contacts and received his training in yemen, a country recked by poverty and an ongoing civil war, now fertile ground strongholds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> there's really a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorists and the yemeni government is almost powerless to stop them from operating. >> reporter: after getting initial reports earlier this week, mr. obama has called a face-to-face meeting with top officials, set for tuesday at the white house. among the attendees, director of national intelligence, dennis blair. homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, as well as leaders of the tsa and the national counterterrorism center, all formed in the wake of 9/11 attacks and all created to avoid just the kind of human and systemic failures that almost led to añju)áuspj catastrophe in the skies over detroit. >> they should all be in the hot seat. i mean, this is ludicrous. i think t
his address to an america that is fed up with washington seemingly. >> and a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows 58% of americans think the country is on the wrong track. however, the president's own approval rating actually edged up to 50%. nbc's brooke hart joins us live from capitol hill with more on the president's plans for tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun and joe. advisors say president obama will admit tonight he has not delivered the change he promised as a candidate. but he will insist that his priorities are in stead with ordinary americans. they're the three words that energize candidate obama's campaign. >> yes, we can. >> reporter: look for president obama to try to reve that image tonight, pressing for change. >> i don't doubt at times it will be feisty. >> reporter: advisors say he'll prod the senate to create a news jobs bill. republicans say he's wasted time. >> i think the president ought to start by saying we're going to put the health care bill on the shelf. >> reporter: from the white house that won't happen. >> not sure that just bec
to the caribbean and latin america. haiti was a stop on that mission. it was sort of a humanitarian outreach effort. now, they are going back to save lives. they are expected to arrive in haiti. they are just off haitiometime this week. live in baltimore. back to you. >> you hear that perspective. this would be the largest hospital in maryland. it gives you an idea of why it is taking so long to get the ship off to haiti. that should happen any moment now it looks like. >>> right now, in haiti, the focus is on the living. the relief effort is huge. so is the knee. nbc's jay gray reports from port-au-prince. >> reporter: all over port-au-prince, chaos mixed with death and desperation. >> we must get help. our people are dying. >> reporter: rescue teams have saved a handful of americans. crews at the montana hotel had to amputate this man's legs. the red cross estimates as many as 50,000 people are dead here. there are so many victims, the cemeteries are already full. the government has been forced to bury hundreds in mass graves. money, manpower and machines continue to pour in from around the world
enough for them to land there and also take care of all coordination here in america as well. but this is what this team trains for day and night. and they are looking forward to getting down there. as you heard, helping to save some lives and make the situation as best as possible for the folks who are victims of this tragic earthquake. i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> the state department set up a hotline for americans who need information about family members in haiti. that number is 1-888-407-4747. >>> d.c. police are looking for a killer who shot a man to death in the middle of the afternoon and left him to die inside a car. the body was discovered on alabama avenue in southeast washington. the victim is identified as 23-year-old christopher lewis jones. police have not released any information on the suspect or on a motive. >>> this morning we've learned the identity of a teenager found dead in a rural part of montgomery county. a driver discovered 18-year-old alex nando roman of prince george's county early yesterday morning in the brook ville area. po
's an overall job freeze. so we're struggling like all of the jurisdictions in america. we have probably $500 million less than we had three or four years ago to provide the same level of services. you know, when someone is -- if you get a call, 911, someone is having a diabetic attack or heart attack or a huge accident, the economy cannot have a varying on the delivery of those services. we have to get there. we have to be there in five minus. we have to have the right equipment and people that are well trained to get the job done. >> when do you expect things to change on the job front in terms of furloughs, hiring freezes, pay cap? >> well, internally our numbers are not declining. we'll probably see a 1% to 1.2% growth in revenue. it takes about 7% growth to keep up with inflation and the cost of government and things like that. in a sense we're not there. the problem we have is that the state is having a huge problem as well. last year we would not have to layoff people if the state didn't further reduce the allocations to us. you know, it's not that the state is giving us money, the sta
. >> the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. >> reporter: democrats are scrambling to reassess. >> we will move forward with their considerations in mind but we will move forward for health care. >> reporter: in an interview president obama signaled he may want to scale back his health care ambition, perhaps abandoning the push for universal coverage in an effort to win gop votes like scott brown. >> he supported in massachusetts a health care bill not dissimilar to what the president has supported. >> reporter: the senator elect did say he would play ball, father daughter basketball a challenge brown glooted to the president in a post-victory call tuesday. >> i have a basketball player daughter. i know you play a lot of hoops. you pick your best and we'll play you two on two. >> reporter: a new player on the scene. for democrats a game changer. the obama bet would be to scale back the health care plan and give democrats the best shot at passing a bill fast and in avoiding a string of massachusetts like losses in november. live on capitol hill, i'm br
the tough choices. every family in america is having do that today and cutting our own budget. >> reporter: protecting should be the middle class. the president said. aiming a set of tax breaks. >> proposals made it's easier for families to get by. students to get ahead. for workers to retire. >> reporter: it came on a day of new poll confirmed americans topped concerns, jobs, the economy. >> about two out of event frooif unemployed workers in this country have been unemployed for over six months. we have never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: can the president convince americans relief is ahead? >> i think people care much more about results, about creation of jobs, about getting a handle of the deficit, rather than they do about the next -- >> the president of the united states. roup to americans, tomorrow night. >> this morning congress' budge i arms comes out with what's expected to be more bad news from rising deficits. even his allies acknowledge the president's spending freeze would only make a dent in it. live on capitol hill, brooke hart. >> thank you. >>> happening to
? >> in south beach, that might work. i don't know how that would go in middleburg or middle america. what about our weekend? everyone wants a little sunshine on the weekend. i can promise you just that. at least a little bit of sunshine. >>> today the world will say good by to teddy pendergrass, the singer died earlier this mopt at 58 from colon cancer. huge crowds turned out yesterday to remember the soul singer in his hometown of philadelphia. many fans sang songs as they waited in line. pendergrass was a huge star in the '70s with songs like love, tko and clothes tse the door. he was para looized after a car accident in 1982. >>> the mother of the ba lelloo boy confessed. she said, because of money problems, they wanted to land a reality show from the hoax. her husband still denied it was a hoax before he began serving his 30-day sentence last week. he pleaded guilty to charges to protect his wife from being departed to japan. his wife explained why they picked that very day to launch the balloon. >> he wanted to make it a monday, because it was our anniversary. we didn't get finished. it wa
. >> reporter: th >> reporter: the d.c. space focuses on america's aquatic treasures, species we find in our country's water terse. it is important to understand our march reeine creatures, bec their habitats are being destroyed by us. this lion fish, murdered on native habitat. it found its way to our waters because people with home aquariums started dumping the fish when they got too big. now, they are multiplying like crazy. >> they are wiping out our native caribbean fish population. >> the aquarium highlights the mooring buoy program, giving boaters the opportunity to not drop anchor. >> reporter: the shark, it is a predator that controls everything on the food change below. >> if you remove the sharks, the stingray population goes out of control and we lose the scallops the stingrays feed on. >> reporter: our national aquarium is not as grand as it's sister in baltimore. it's just one block from the mall. come on your lunch hour. >> coming down into a cool, fun environment with great critters swimming by. >> taking a dip on a hot summer day, you are going to want to float through this
states is taking the lead in getting the help to haiti. >> haitians are neighbors here in the americas and here at home so we have to be there for them. >> reporter: the uss car vincent was deployed, aircraft and marines. haiti's president, rene garcia preval spoke to nbc's brian williams. >> i know that the people of the united states and i thank them for this gesture. >> reporter: haitian americans gathered in washington and new york holding vigil for millions caught in a cruel disaster. and there is still a lot of uncertainty about the welfare of some 45,000 americans in haiti, only a fraction have contacted the u.s. embassy. >> and as we've been telling you all morning long you can find the list of credible national and international agencies where you can send donations by going to our website. nbcwashington.com and search the word help. there's also a link on the left-hand side of the page. >>> we're following breaking news out of rockville right now. a tanker truck fire on the montrose road overpass. over the northbound lanes of 270. this is causing a big traffic mess right now.
is heading there to deliver an important message about america's future. we'll tell you what he's asking for. >> jay leno has a message of his own. don't blame him. he tells his story behind the late night drama. >> will we see another sunny and warm day? we'll find out. everywhere you look it's happening a return to saving choosing less over more solid is making a comeback for solid savings, come to suntrust. live solid. bank solid. for solid savings, come to suntrust. >>> temperatures now near 30 degrees and highs today understand partly cloudy skies, climbing to throw 50s. cooler weather tomorrow. chance of light rain on thursday afternoon, may mix with sleet and light snow thursday night, light snow on friday. mow traffic. how is it looking at this hour >> still running free and clear. let's take a look at 395. no problems out of springfield through shirlington. across the 14th you're rolling full speed ahead. this is the view of the k bridge making your way into the district. lanes open and no big problems to report. back to you. >>> our time is now 5:13. 33 degrees. he's known for tell
does blame america and other industrialized countries for global warming. it says climate change could be stopped by bringing the wheels of the american economy to a halt. and the tape calls for a boycott of american goods and the u.s. dollar. >>> out the door forecast now with tom. >> we were in the 50s yesterday afternoon now just in the teens to near 20s. single digits. frigid friday morning underway. partly cloudy. highs near freezing. norm snow likely. sun returns sunday into monday up near 40 by monday afternoon. storm system coming through tomorrow 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. leaving total amounts of two to four inches around washington. how the traffic? >> e95 northbound and southboun doing fine. >> that's "news4 today." thanks for starting your friday with us. >> have a great weekend see you monday morning. >> bye.
him without forcing him back to america. prosecutors want the famed director to show his face in court. a judge has postponed his ruling on whether polanski will be extradicted. >>> a new study claims that cell phone usage may protect against and even reverse alzheimer's disease. researchers subjected mice to alzheimer's disease, rather pre-disposed to alzheimer's disease to magnetic waves roughly to two hours of cell phone use every day for two months. this protected the memory of mice otherwise destined to develop alzheimer's. the protein build up in the brain characteristic of the disease. the magnetic waves boosted the memory of healthy mice. if the findings are confirmed in additional studies doctors say this could be adapted for humans. >>> the white house releasing its report on the failed christmas day terror attacks. one high ranking officials say people will being shocked by what it says. plus new information about the cia agents killed in afghanistan and what role they played in the hunt for the world's most wanted terrorist. >>> allegations of the gun incident in the wizard
liberal state in america, massachusetts, the people are telling us, please don't pass this bill. >> the obama team heard a voter called to fix the economy, add jobs. >> i'm not going to stop fighting until we had jobs for everybody. analysts are skeptical. >> this president doesn't come easy to populism and it's not terribly convincing, but when you're in a panic, this is one of the things that you do. i think they are in a panic right now. >> obama advisors deny panic or a message overhaul. >> in washington people look for signs, queues, for their script to say, oh, here is obama's 2.0. this is obama -- this is the obama who ran for president. >> the president tapped his '08 campaign manager, though, to come back and help democrats avoid more losses this fall. >> on the day of the president's state of the union, republicans will be gathering in hawaii, the president's birthplace to plot their own strategy for the midterm elections. >> in washington, brooke hart, flbs news. >> you may want to think twice before you pick up that phone or blackberry in your car. >> new statistics
at the cover, a story about america's reentry into the space plm after the challenger explosion. the magazine was supposed to be delivered 22 years ago. no word from are the post office on why it was delivered so late. >> interesting. now it's a history magazine. >> a cooper. >>> one school delay to report before i get to the weather. kit talk ken in fur month and feeder schools are on a two-hour delay in thur month, maryland. >>> the reason for the delay they're getting light snow there. talking about that over the last hour, light snow continues to fall moving in the out of pennsylvania at this hour. it is producing a dusting. here in washington, a cloudy sky, live picture from our city camera. temperatures, a cold 29. we still have a blustery wind with us on this wednesday morning. looking at the radar, we do have some light snow. it's a batch that has been moving down from pennsylvania. it's now into montgomery county. there's light snow in damascus to laytonsville, over toward ulney, down route 29 near gaithersburg, continuing to head to the south, moving to wheaton, rockville, kensingto
in northwest washington. >> even after the worst recession in generations, life in america is not even close to being as brutal as it was back then for so many. that's the legacy of dr. king and his movement. >> president obama spoke about martin luther king jr. while attending service at the vermont avenue baptist church in northwest washington this weekend. he said that people cannot give up on advocacy or activism. he also said dr. king's legacy can serve as reminder to every american never lose hope. >>> coming up why you might get money back from metro if your train is late. >>> ahead the new found freedom for a man who tried to kill the pope nearly 30 yes. >>> find out how long these warm temperatures might stick around. your weather and traffic >>> time for weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning. now 42 degrees in washington. prince george's county near 40. in the upper 30s to near 40 in montgomery, arlington and fairfax counties and from fran conia, glendale and wheaton, considerable cloudiness that's lingering from the rain storm on sunday. highs reaching low 50s. partly cloudy
project in the united states of america today. i rinded my colleagues that fdr built pennsylvania avenue and constitutional avenue during the great depression. if you want to build this, this is the time to build it. got the first billion dollars out for that. and all under my subcommittee chairmanship and yet there was more because we were rehabilitating buildings in all 50 states, all the territories. we're a federal city. that means we have a disproportionate number of federal buildings and i was able to get money for rehabilitation, upgrading federal buildings here, very substantial remaking of federal buildings here. 15 buildings. add it all up that's $3.5 billion in stimulus funding for the district of columbia that had to be the overriding goal at a time when our employment rate, as i see it is approaching 12%. >> let's talk about jobs and specifically you mentioned the new headquarters for the homeland security department. how many jobs are we talking about there and construction leading up to it too? >> very important point, jim. because this project will feed the d.c. economy f
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